Tips on Making a Landscaper’s Day Run Smooth Even with a Tow

Pick It Up TowingA Smooth Day of a Landscaper using Pick It Up Towing

A day and life of a landscaper is busy and can be an array constant problem solving. Each client’s landscape host different characteristics than the next, so catering to each location takes knowledge and work.

On this particular day though problem solving was in full force, especially since one of our work trucks broke down on it’s way to an account.

If you are in the service type industry, you know that your work vehicle is very important. When they stop working when you most need them, it can turn a regular day into a nightmare. I am so fortunate to have relied on Pick It Up Towing.   They arrived on time and were affordable. They made our vehicle transition smooth so that my landscape crew could get underway with the day’s accounts. Their site is mobile friendly. I would highly recommend saving them to your speed dial,

 After that mishap my crew and I were able to get on with the day’s accounts. Each account, as I mentioned before is different I their own unique way. I can say personally that I appreciate e the variety. It allows my creativity to flow in how to make sure my client’s landscape is lush and vibrant.

Keeping their landscape in tip top appearance not only will keep the client happy, but also can come back tenfold in referrals from neighbors. And believe me, it is a landscaper’s dream to have a number of accounts in the same general location as to spread out. Another reason for keeping a client’s property in pristine condition is that it creates more efficiency to future visits to that particular property.

Efficiency is key in the landscape business. Money is in the timing. Each account is scheduled in a route for the day, the week and the month. This allows the drive time to be less as possible and the account time to be productive. You want happy customers and an appreciative crew. Treating you employees with consideration is keep to not having a high employee turnover.

There is a system that comes into play will out on the daily route, that allows for top performance on every account. Depending on where your landscape business is located has a lot to do with the know- how of your system.   Locations wit heavy foliage and lush surrounding will have a different approach than an area that has more of a desert landscape.

Keeping to your route is important throughout the day. Side work or extra requested work that would be considered unreasonable in a time component should be scheduled for another day. Customers who appreciate your services will be more than happy to comply. But you will always get the few who refuse to believe that though you are providing them a service, you are still a reputable and respected business owner.

Maintenance and up keep of your equipment is life sustaining of your business. It’s important that not only do you know how to take care of your lawn equipment but also more importantly your employees appreciate the importance of taking care of the equipment as well. I’ve seen it to often where, employees have a disregard for the company’s property. This would include the truck, the lawn equipment and safety gear. Making it a mandatory requirement for the employees and enforcing the rules will separate good employees from bad ones.

A day of a landscaper is tightly scheduled and critically run. Remember, we have lives and families as well. They need us not only financially but they also need us there to support as an important part of the family. Make them your priority first and all other responsibilities will follow through.