Lawn Preservation for the Whole Year

The grass growing in the lawn tends to change its moods throughout the year. Sometimes it turns yellow, sometimes green and sometimes dry and brittle. Whatever the season might be, you have to tend to your lawn’s needs. You simply cannot neglect it any time of the year. For your ease and knowledge, we have come up with a few easy steps for you to follow in order to maintain your lawn in every sort of climate.

  1. Chilly Winter

Turf CareDuring the 2 months of extreme cold January and February, you can relax a bit when it comes to lawn care. Still, you’ll have to carry out a few chores.

  • This is the time when trees are still shedding leaves. Remove the fallen and dead leaves.
  • Clear up the debris too.
  • If your lawn is soaking or frozen, stay away from it.
  • You can clean your mower and check out the sharpness of blades.
  • Work on the lawn whenever possible.


  1. Floral Spring

Weather gradually starts getting warmer in the months of March and April. This is the time of plant growth and you’ll have to get active now.

  • Start by mowing the lawn and mow whenever required, as the warm weather will encourage growth.
  • Scarify if the lawn is more than a year old.
  • Remove the weeds and other unwanted growth.
  • Patch up damaged lawn areas and edges with lawn seeds.
  • Over seeding should be carried out if your lawn is one year old.

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5 Cornerstones of Maintaining your Lawn

Lawn CareGardening is an accomplished hobby for some and tiring for others. Whatever category you may belong to, it is essential to take out time for your house care which also includes a good maintenance of your garden or lawn.

The first thing that is prominently obvious in a lawn area is grass. A lush green grass not only depicts your skill and efficiency, it also attracts green envy of those deprived of such beautiful nature.

I remember vividly, my parents had a lawn in front and a backyard where seasonal vegetables were grown. The front lawn was green but patches of soil and yellow grass showed here and there, and I hated those patches.

Over the time, I learned and adopted five basic rules of keeping the grass plush and green throughout the whole year. Of course, grass grows faster and greener in summer, but these 5 rules kept my grass healthy all the time.

  1. Fertilizing

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